Gone but never forgotten.. All have taken a piece of my heart with
them.  Some just took more than others but all will be missed.
SHD's Captain Morgan
Captain was  a   big beautiful champagne point hob.  He was
1/2 brother to Gizzie J. Captain was Gold Champion  in AFA
and  1/2 New Zealand and 1/4 German and American.   Captain
has fathered two nice litters with SHD's Goldschlager so
far and one with Malibu  the boys are awesome.  SHD's
Corona is one of his sons.  Sadly, Captain crossed the bridge
Jan. 2007.
On to the Rainbow
Bridge Jills...
UI Kodiak of SHD    1995-2002
Kodi was the grandfather of SHD. He was my first breeding/showing hob
and  father to Dallas, Cheyanne, Cognac, Yukon,  Slainte and many more..  
Kodi was AFA Gold Level Champion and LIFE Supreme Grand Champion.  
He has sired 3 known Best of Shows.  Here he is totally humilated as
Robin Hood.  
He was the light of my life and will be missed more that I
can ever say.
Photo by Kristen Blood
Photo byJennifer Deming
Photo's W/Flair
Photo byJennifer Deming
Photo's W/Flair
SHD's Zorro of Phred's
Fuzzy Ferrets. 1998- 2006
TCF Jeagermeister of
FFP  1998-2006
Photo by Jennifer Deming
Photo's with Flair
SHD's Gisborne's Zen   1999 - 2006
Gizzie had  the distinction of being the very first recipient
of the AFA's Ferret of the Year Award (Y2K). He also has
a Best of Breeder  from the Columbus show  2000.  In the
Fall of 2001 Gizzie J went GOLD Level Championship in
AFA.   Gizzie J iwas a beautiful sable fine point hob with
3/4 New Zealand and 1/4 German bloodlines. He lives on
through his many offspring and their offf spring.  If you
see a sable fine point - chances are good that it is related
to Gizzie.  Gizzie took a little bigger piece of my heart
when he went.
SHD's Dragon's Breath 1998 -
SHD's Gisborne's  Black Magic
2000 - 2006
Magic (AKA Marley)
SHD's Gisborne's Gold Lager
Gone before his time.
SHD's Sambuca
2002 - 2006
Gone before
his time
FFP's Munchen Helles of SHD
Gone before his time.