Below is a list of my available retirees.   Prices are negotiable - talk to me.   Cost of spay/neuter is included
in the purchase price.   As adrenal issues do not usually start until after spayed/neutered, I like to hold off
until they are placed, This also gives their new owner the option to do a Superlorin Implant.

I would really like to get some of these fur kids into forever homes for the remainder of their lives.   They
will always have a home with me with  soft beds and plenty of food and water, but I like to see them get
more one-on-one attention that they truly deserve.

My hobs are usually placed pretty fast...most actually on hold when retired.  But occassionally I have one
that was on hold and not placed.  Sometimes I have a hob I kept that ends up not working out in my
breeding plan and I can place earlier.
I hope to be getting more
photos of my retired fur kids
up soon.  If one interests you
and there is no photo, please
contact me and I'll get you a
photo sooner.
                            Prices for Jills     (Hobs are $25 more)

2013 - $ 50
4 - $65
5 - $75
6 - $100
7 - $125

All prices include spay/neuter cost and current distemper vaccination.  Older jills are negotiable and if
you plan to use a Superlorin implant, the spay price will be subtracted.