ACH's Musta Helmi (Black
Pearl) of SHD.

Pearl was from Finland.  She was a black sable solid
with about 37% polecat.  She has Russian and German
bloodlines also.
Pearl was an absolute love.  She gave kisses and was
very intelligent.  She had decent bone density but
had more the typical muzzle of a European Polecat.   
Her offspring was awesome.    

Thank you Anji for bringing her to the US for us.  
Below is a picture of Pearl at 7 weeks.

Minnie Pearl, Stoli, Pikku, Vlad and SooSoo are some
of her offspring.
About 11 weeks old here
Black Pearl at 25 weeks.  
Waldfrettchen's Hailey Sue of

Haily was a nice solid black sable jill from
Marion of
Waldfrettchen Ferretry.  Hailey
Sue was 100% German.  She came to us when
Shamrockin Ferrets went out of business.  
She had 2 litters.  Anastasia and
Schwartsbier are two of her kits.
All of my ferrets have at least some foreign bloodlines, either from the ferrets I have imported
or from other breeder's bloodlines.    SHD's Gisborne's Zen had 75% New Zealand and 25%
German.  ACH's Black Pearl was from Finland.   WF's Hailey Sue was from Germany.  Bajnok
Demirdelan Hetman was from Hungary.    

I brought in the foreign bloodlines for the genetic diversity.  I have some polecat bloodlines but
don't breed specifically hybreds as that does mess with the disposition.  I also DO NOT  breed
angoras.  Angora's are a genetic mutation that was highly inbreed to maintain key
characteristics about 25 years ago.  There are breeders that specialize but I prefer to stay
away due several health concerns.

Sadly, all my 100% foreign fur kids have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  
Bajnok Demirdelan Hetman
of SHD

Demi was a 1/4 angora hob from Hungary. He is
a sandy color.  His sire is a champagne mitt and
dam is a sandy. But also had black sable in his
background. Demi had some polecat bloodlines.   
Demi had a nice head with decent depth and
width.  Demi was very compact with nice ribs,
good bone density and decent muscle.

Demi had the sweetests disposition. His offspring
are a delight.